Moving from Legal Private Practice to In-house Counsel

by Eng Chang


The difficulties around making partner in commercial law firms and the desire for a different work/life balance have resulted in a growing trend for lawyers to move out of the traditional law practice and into in-house legal roles.

While this can seem like a challenging step for some, Space Executive’s latest legal report comprises top tips for transitioning from private practice to in-house and insights from insider lawyers who have made the leap from private practice to in-house, to provide more information on what this transition involves and how best to manage it. 

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In-house Counsel Across the Globe

  • +7,000 in-house lawyers in Singapore*
  • 55% have 15 years of work experience or less
  • 400+ in-house lawyers are served by the ACC Singapore Chapter 
  • 28,400 in-house lawyers in the UK
  • 22% of lawyers in the UK are in-house

Ready to make the move? 

Eng Chang (EC) - and Terence Lim - are currently working on a number of exciting in-house legal positions across numerous industries and locations and would love to hear from you.

*more thank 7K profiles on LinkedIn suggest they currently hold an in-house counsel role in Singapore.