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Ibiza Business Retreat 2023

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​Work-life balance is a crucial aspect of any successful organisation. Recognising the importance of team bonding, collaboration, and employee wellness, Space Executive, a leading Executive Search firm, recently organised an unforgettable business trip to Ibiza for its London team. From Wednesday 31st May to Saturday 3rd June, the team embarked on a journey filled with relaxation, productive meetings, team-building activities, and exquisite dining experiences. This blog highlights the key elements of the trip, demonstrating Space Executive’s commitment to fostering a positive work environment and achieving overall company success.



As the sun set on Wednesday evening, the London team arrived at their stunning villa in Ibiza. After a day of travel, team members were able to relax in a laid-back atmosphere. Pizzas and snacks were readily available, creating a casual and relaxed environment for everyone to unwind and connect with their colleagues. The initial evening set the stage for a trip filled with camaraderie and open communication.


Meaningful Connections:

Thursday was dedicated to unwinding and bonding at the renowned Blue Marlin Beach Club. The team had the opportunity to soak up the sun and enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. Away from the demands of the office, team members were able to foster deeper connections and strengthen their working relationships. The relaxed atmosphere of the beach club allowed for open conversations and the exchange of ideas in a refreshing and inspiring setting.


BBQ and Business Initiatives:

In the evening, the team gathered at the villa for a delightful barbeque. This intimate setting provided the perfect backdrop for our team to dine together, enjoy drinks, and engage in conversations that extended beyond day-to-day work. Away from the constraints of the office environment, team members delved into business initiatives, discussing new ideas and strategic plans in a relaxed and creative atmosphere. The private and serene surroundings allowed for detailed conversations that fostered collaboration and innovation.


Meetings and Presentations:

Friday morning was dedicated to meetings and catch-ups. The team gathered to discuss ongoing projects, provide updates, and align their goals. The highlight of the day was a presentation delivered by our CEO, Marek Danyluk, who shared valuable insights into the company's performance and future direction. This presentation not only provided transparency but also inspired the team to work together towards shared objectives.


To conclude the trip on a high note, the team enjoyed a memorable fine dining experience at Bambuddha on Friday evening. Surrounded by an enchanting atmosphere, they indulged in delectable Mediterranean cuisine. The elegant setting and mouthwatering dishes served as a fitting reward for the hard work and dedication demonstrated for the last quarter.


Final Day:

On Saturday morning, the team had a few final company meetings to tie up loose ends before departing for the UK. Reflecting on their time in Ibiza, team members were filled with a sense of accomplishment, rejuvenation, and a deeper connection with their colleagues.


Commitment to Employee Wellness and Collaboration:

The trip showcases our dedication to employee wellness, incentives, and collaboration. By providing a platform for relaxation, team bonding, and meaningful discussions, the trip successfully created an environment conducive to fostering positive relationships and enhancing productivity. This investment in employee well-being and teamwork will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the overall success of our company.

Team Pic

Team Pic