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Embracing Mindfulness - Global Wellness Day Activity

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​In today's fast-paced and demanding world, finding moments of tranquillity and inner peace is essential for our overall well-being. Recognising the significance of nurturing both physical and mental health, the London team at Space Executive took a proactive step this year to celebrate Global Wellness Day in a unique and meaningful way. Through a series of mindfulness activities, the team embarked on a journey of self-reflection, gratitude, and connection.

The day began with an engaging morning discussion, setting the tone for the mindfulness activities ahead. Each team member was encouraged to bring in two objects that hold personal significance to them. These objects could be anything, from cherished heirlooms to simple items that carry sentimental value.

As the team gathered, a sense of curiosity and anticipation filled the room. One by one, team members took turns sharing their chosen objects, unveiling the stories and memories attached to them. This exercise provided a wonderful opportunity for genuine connection and deepened understanding among the team.

As each team member shared their objects, the room became a haven of heartfelt stories and cherished moments. The exercise encouraged active listening, empathy, and vulnerability. By attentively absorbing the personal narratives shared, team members gained a newfound appreciation for one another's unique experiences and perspectives.

Through this exercise, the team discovered that even seemingly ordinary objects could hold immense value. It also served as a gentle reminder that our possessions can be sources of inspiration, comfort, and nostalgia.

Following the enlightening morning discussion, the team embarked on a mindfulness walk in pairs. The objective of this walk was not only to enjoy the surroundings but also to engage in meaningful conversations centered around personal well-being and aspirations.

As team members strolled together, they encouraged open and supportive dialogue. They asked each other questions such as, "Are you okay?" – a simple yet powerful question that often goes unasked. This gesture exemplified the team's commitment to fostering an environment of care, understanding, and support.

The conversations during the walk also provided an opportunity to reflect on personal goals for the year ahead. Each team member shared their aspirations and discussed strategies for achieving them. The exercise allowed individuals to gain insights, seek advice, and build a sense of accountability within the team.


Global Wellness Day serves as a reminder that incorporating mindfulness practices into our daily lives can enhance not only our individual well-being but also the overall harmony of a team or community. By valuing each other's stories, experiences, and aspirations, we pave the way for a more compassionate and resilient world.

On Global Wellness Day this year, let the Space Executive London team's mindfulness activity inspire us to embrace moments of self-reflection, cultivate genuine connections, and prioritise our well-being in all aspects of life. Find out more about Global Wellness Day here: