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​To remain competitive in the ever-evolving market, product leaders must be proficient in techniques and flexible strategies to adjust to the progression of their roles, teams, and the technology and customer demands. Leadership in this area is about managing and orchestrating product management functions. Within this blog, executives will learn how they can improve performance of their teams and gain a competitive edge as dynamics change. Without efficient product team structures, the right tools and metrics, modern product management methods and a healthy team culture, activities throughout the product life cycle remain uphill challenges.

Working with a vast array of CPOs, VPs, Heads of Product, we have collated our recommended approaches that executives and/or companies should leverage to deliver strong growth through this division when hiring:

  • Diversify – When it comes to the perfect product manager, there is no single CV that will satisfy every employer. However, it is important to keep an open mind and consider candidates from a variety of backgrounds. If you are considering those who come from technical backgrounds, then they should have an established history of transitioning to product management, and those from non-technical backgrounds should demonstrate a desire to learn about technology and product development. Ultimately, a good product manager should have an attitude of enthusiasm and curiosity.

  • Expand – Our significant database means we can search for the best product talent based on your criteria. Allow for external resources such as executive search firms to do the hard work on your behalf. We interview and network with countless product and technology professionals on a daily basis and will be sure to put relevant people in front of you to help you grow your division. Contact us today to partner on your hiring needs.

  • Offering – Product management is at the nexus of the business, technology, and customers. Therefore, it must guide the demands, opportunities, and requirements of all three areas. Occasional input into the overall business strategy from product would be a strong growth step. Showcase investment in the team and that you drive product team empowerment and diversity while addressing the new mindsets and career progression that a modern product manager and product teams need.

  • Skills – Product teams have a variety of skillsets such as creativity, vision, collaboration, time-management to the ability to market research thoroughly, UI/UX design, data analysis, communication which are constantly adapting, and according to Gartner Research, these are the hard and soft skills Product Management will evolve to by 2025:

Soft Skills

Hard Skills


Data insights

Empathy – internal and external

Discovery and validation

Whole product experience

Customer value proposition

Strategic alignment

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) definition

Outcome ownership

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