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Internal VS External Recruitment Services

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As an executive search firm, we often are often faced with the question of what sets us apart from a firms own recruitment function. This is a natural question to ask, especially as money has been invested into a department that is tasked to recruit solely for the organisation’s roles. The method of recruitment has evolved over time, and we adjust our processes and procedures to suit the needs of the market and clients we work with, whilst adhering to ever changing government policy. We make a conscious effort to review our recruitment practices often. Within this article, we’ll be outlining how our recruitment process makes us stand out and the advantages of leveraging our services either in conjunction with an in-house recruitment team or exclusively for an organisation.

Working with clients from multinationals to VC backed start-ups, we have a breadth of knowledge and experience that enables us to filter out candidates from our talent pool and when hiring in a niche space such as cybersecurity, crypto or fintech, it helps to have a recruitment firm experienced in these fields to support. We understand that finding the right employees is essential for any company regardless of their size and growth stage. Having the right team in place enables businesses to achieve great things with talented people. Finding the best talent, however, can be a challenge. Using an external recruitment company is one of the most effective ways to find employees. And here are 10 reasons why we encourage companies to use us:

  1. Time Saving: organisations are often focused on other important areas of their day-to-day jobs and don’t always have the time to dedicate to recruiting employees. Leveraging our expertise allows businesses to save valuable time whilst we headhunt to their requirements and take care of the legwork.

  2. Talent Pool: we work with a vast array of candidates globally, and we place all of our resources into searching for the best candidates in the market. Often we find that companies don’t have access to the same resources – we ensure that the talent found from our pool of candidates are a good fit using rigorous best practices.

  3. Technology: we leverage the latest technology and tools to find candidates more efficiently and effectively. Our meticulous processes and use of technology set us apart from others.

  4. Expert Advice: we are experts in this field, we offer our clients invaluable advice and guidance on finding the best employees. As we understand the latest trends and know where to find the best talent. We are able to provide direct insight which clients benefit from.

  5. Cost-effective: we understand that smaller VC backed start ups may not have the budget to retain an in-house recruitment team. Our relationship with start-ups is strong, we understand their business models and make an effort to get to grips with their needs and therefore our hiring services are a cost-effective solution.

  6. Flexibility: we happily maintain a flexible approach which often differs to in-house teams. We always tailor our services specific to the needs and requirements of the organisation and team.

  7. Guidance and Support: we offer upfront advice and guidance to our clients, ensuring that the candidate is protected, and our client is receiving the right people to make a considered decision. We help our clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of recruiting and hiring.

  8. Reach: unlike in-house teams, our network is wider than most businesses meaning we headhunt the best talent from around the world and bring them to our client’s doorstep.

  9. Scalable: one of our unique offerings is our ability to hire entire teams – we’re well versed in understanding client needs and therefore when a business is looking to build out a team, having already recruited one individual makes it easier for us to suggest additional “good-fits” for other roles within the team.

  10. Track-record: we like to showcase our service quality by outlining recent placements made and providing detailed client testimonials. We pride ourselves on our strong client relationships and success rate. In house teams are tasked with the job to fill a role, but we live and breathe ensuring the right talent enters and stays in an organisation because your success is our success.

We hope you found this article useful; we often work in partnership with in-house recruitment teams or solely as an external recruiter for executive level hires. We would welcome a conversation with you and your organisation. Contact us at