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Top 5 Interview Tips From Our Recruiters

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​It’s our job to support you to ace your interview and land that open job you've been seeking. Securing a role at the c-level often requires candidates to promote their own leadership style and brand, alongside giving insight into their industry knowledge, skills, insight and experience. 

Qualified professionals should prepare through a rigorous process of research, networking and rehearsal. Take a look at the top 5 job interview tips from our Space Executive recruitment team.

  1. Thoroughly Review the Specification

These will include background on the company, required qualifications, experience and personal attributes. In order to gain further insight on the specification, we’d recommend asking us details on:

  • Of the responsibilities listed on the specification, which ones are most critical to the hiring organisation?

  • What are the hiring organisations deal breakers or where are they willing to compromise? This could be that you have a strength in a particular aspect of the role but less so in another, so having an open conversation around this is useful for your knowledge 

  • Can you describe the ideal candidate in terms of their leadership style? 

Our recruiters will often offer answers to the above as advice, but it’s useful to think of additional questions that will help you fully understand the specification for the organisation. Make sure that you completely understand the position that you’re applying for and can articulate how your past experiences will help you succeed. The more prepared you are for an interview the less nervous and more focused you’ll be. 


  1. Ask Thoughtful Questions

This is a great way to demonstrate your preparation and curiosity about the role and organisation. Organisation’s want to be challenged during an interview and it shows that you took the initiative to come up with some questions to show your interest. Check out the Top 10 Questions we advise you to consider asking via this link.


  1. Networking for Information and Advice 

Often c-level executives have built strong networks during their career journey. It can be a useful tool to tap into your network to have a private and confidential conversation with people you may know in that particular industry or even at the company itself. Ask questions such as:

  • What are the biggest challenges you see the sector facing in the coming year?

  • How does the c-suite relate to the board? 

  • Is this an organisation where you would want to work?


  1. Research! 

Use all avenues — including social media platforms and websites such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor to get the full picture of the company. Glassdoor and LinkedIn give great supplemental information on their culture and share the latest news which supports you to best prepare for your own interview.


  1. Dedicate Time and Effort

It may sound simple, but often organisations see red flags if a candidate is commuting during an interview or get distracted by their phone in person. It is often unfavourable to constantly reschedule, so if you need to reschedule, work with the recruiter on this so that they can maintain the relationship in your favour.