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3 Tips for a Successful Virtual Interview

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More companies are implementing remote or hybrid work models, so you may find yourself interviewing virtually. Here are 3 tips to help you prepare for a successful virtual interview.

Our CEO, Marek Danyluk explained that when he isn't in the office, he’ll often be working from home. Therefore if you’re likely to be interviewing from home, he can provide useful insights.  

Aside from the thousands of employees worldwide affected by the global COVID-19 outbreak, the job searching landscape has also changed dramatically. The same way our consultants sometimes work remotely, candidates must now converse with potential employers and market themselves as potential hires from their homes.

Below are my 3 tips for virtual interview success.

  1. Pre-Interview Checklist – Like a "pre-event" checklist that ensures success for event managers, pre-planning the logistics of a virtual interview is critical. Consider the following:

  • Choose a space for the interview which is free from background noise, away from others in your home, and with good phone reception if using a phone

  • Check all technology and practice using it - there's nothing worse than trying to log on 5 minutes before an interview and having to download something or create an account. 

  • Check your lighting for video interviews and avoid bright background lighting that washes out your face. It’s beneficial for the interviewer to see your facial expressions.

  1. Act the part – Remember that although you’re around your home comforts, it’s important to make the effort to put your best self forward while in the interview process. Here are a few ways to help showcase yourself virtually:

  • Develop a routine that includes time to “get ready” for your interview

  • Dress for the interview - avoid casual clothing and opt for a collared top or shirt. Steer clear of patterns, stripes, and plaids. Small patterns can moire on video and make things look fuzzy. Avoid solid white next to the face as white is brighter on camera and can wash out your face

  • Compile all needed information as you would for an in-office meeting, such as a paper copy of resume – don’t rely on digital copies.

  • Be enthusiastic – You need to demonstrate your excitement about the company over the phone or via video.

  • Make eye contact with the person during video calls. Multitasking should be avoided and you should watch the camera as if you were looking at the person.

  1. Embrace your virtual world – Engage with others in a virtual networking/interviewing format. Be innovative and creative with these tips: 

  • Take advantage of LinkedIn to find and create networking opportunities. To begin building a relationship with a company or recruiter, comment or interact on their posts

  • Watch LinkedIn Live events from companies in which you are interested to get to know them better

By using a little ingenuity and these tips, you can take advantage of the virtual world in many ways and succeed in your upcoming interviews.

Best of luck!