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Space Talks - Southeast Asia Fintech with 1982 Ventures

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Space Executive Group CEO and Managing Partner Marek Danyluk recently caught up with Scott Krivokopich and Herston Elton Powers, Co-Founders and Managing Partners of 1982 Ventures to discuss Southeast Asia Fintech. 1982 Ventures is a Singapore-based venture capital firm focused on investing in early-stage fintech startups in Southeast Asia. 1982 Ventures has sourced, led, and executed investments in the most exclusive rounds in early-stage VC. This four-part podcast covers a background to 1982 Ventures and the Fintech market in Southeast Asia, 1982 Ventures investment strategy, current hiring trends in Southeast Asia and an overview of 1982 Ventures portfolio companies. 

The podcast is split over four episodes, covering 1982 Ventures and the Fintech market in Southeast Asia, Investment strategy and what to look for when considering portfolio companies, hiring trends in Southeast Asia and the challenges faced by startups when building teams. 

Part 1 - Background to 1982 Ventures and Southeast Asia Fintech Overview

  • What is attractive about the Fintech landscape in Southeast Asia?
  • How does seed investment activity in Southeast Asia compare to what is seen in the rest of the world?

Part 2 - 1982 Investment Strategy

  • How to identify a good startup idea
  • What do 1982 Ventures look for in a potential investment?
  • How know which horse to back?
  • When is the right time to exit?

Part 3 - Current hiring trends in Southeast Asia

  • What are some of the hiring trends observed in Southeast Asia post-covid?
  • What are the common challenges faced by startups in Southeast Asia looking to grow their teams?
  • What is the view on ESOP for technology companies and the current trends around it?
  • What is the outlook for remote hiring trends in Southeast Asia?
  • How can startups attract high performers?
  • What do startups look for in individuals when hiring?

Part 4 - Overview of 1982 Ventures portfolio companies

1982 introduce some of the current startups they have within their portfolio, including - Wagely - Indonesia’s first Earned Wage Access platform Brick - Southeast Asian Open Banking API Platform Bluesheets - Singapore’s automated financial data platform Fundiin - Vietnam’s leading Buy Now, Pay Later


Click here to read about Space Executive's strategic partnership with 1982 Ventures as the lead recruitment partner on the fund and an active investor.