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Diversity and Inclusion - Women in Tech in Southeast Asia

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With the global technology sector worth c.$5 trillion and growing at just over 4%, it seems surprising that the sector lags behind others in terms of diversity and inclusion.

Within the US, even major players such as Microsoft under-represent women; only 29% of their workforce are women, accounting for 26% of leadership roles and 23% of the tech jobs. And in the UK, it's a similar story, with 22% of tech directors being women and 19% of tech workers being female. 

Encouragingly, things are beginning to shift in Southeast Asia, where the technology industry is starting from a relatively more robust baseline in terms of both the number of women graduating from college with technology degrees and within the tech workforce. 

Our latest Diversity and Inclusion report looks at Women in Technology in Southeast Asia, featuring an interview with Swati Rai Chief Product Officer at Hubble Connected.

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