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Overcoming the Talent Challenge in Emerging Markets

Back to Blogs, was looking for a capable VP of Product to head up their product function. is a pioneering free bank transfer service based in Depok, Indonesia.

Key Challenge facilitate millions of bank transactions from millions of users and were looking for a VP of Product to help fulfil their mission of becoming the fairest financial company in the world.

The successful candidate was tasked with building a team and product-led culture from inception.

This was a complex hire critical to the future success of the Indonesian business. The client needed a product-led business leader to support the build-out of a world-class system in a market where tech and product development can be less advanced.

The brand was also relatively unknown at the time and internally needed a lot of support due to rapid expansion and growth.

What We Did

Space Executive worked closely with’s requirements to identify a long list of companies and teams in Southeast Asia working within a similar domain and environment to our client, and therefore possessing the relevant skillsets and experience required.

We spoke with key individuals in the market to gain further insight into potential candidates and garner highly qualified candidate referrals.

Through this process, we successfully identified the best candidate for the role, who we strategically headhunted using our in-depth market knowledge and company insights to highlight and promote the unique and exciting opportunity. 

Why Space Executive

Our deep market knowledge and proven track record for placing key hires within Fintech and startup in Indonesia and Southeast Asia gave us the opportunity to map the active and inactive candidate market meticulously.

Our local, regional, and global footprint means we are able to look beyond the local market to candidates willing to relocate to, or move back to, Indonesia.

Overall Benefits

  1. We successfully found an interested candidate with strong market experience

  2. The VP of Product we placed went on to successfully build a market-leading product team and establish a product-led culture within the business

  3. With the support of the pioneering product team, our client has been able to launch a successful offering to consumers in Indonesia

“Space Executive is one of the best recruitment companies I have worked with. They take time to understand my expectations clearly and move quickly. Their consultants always go the extra mile to ensure both myself and the candidate have a great experience throughout the hiring process. I highly recommend working with Space Executive when recruiting for senior roles.”

Rafi Putra Arriyan, CEO & Co-Founder

Rafi Putra Arriyan

Our Technology, Change and Consulting team is dedicated to being at the forefront of cutting-edge technology aligned hiring. Our team is optimised to provide technical leadership across the full software development lifecycle in both financial and commercial ecosystems. Our clients range from more traditional organisations going through large-scale digital and data-driven transformations, to disruptive technology-led firms and startups who are at the front line of innovation, product design and software engineering. 

Alicia Keith focuses on candidates in Product led environments such as eCommerce, Marketplace, and Software as a Service. She covers roles in Product Management, Product Analytics, Product Design and Product Operations, and to date has placed Product professionals with some of South East Asia's leading Virtual/Digital Banks, Payment Gateways, Blockchain & Crypto platforms, eCommerce, Video Streaming Sites, Food Delivery apps, eGaming, Pre-Series As and Venture Capitals in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia.     
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