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What are the Latest Trends in Sales and Marketing?

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Marketing trends are constantly shifting as new technologies and platforms arise, digital behaviour changes and consumers adopt new behaviours. This has been particularly prevalent during the pandemic where consumer behaviour has changed rapidly and brands have had to innovate quickly to respond to these changes. 

Our Sales & Marketing team have put together this handy infographic highlighting the latest trends for sales and marketing. Including, key marketing trends for 2021, retail e-commerce sales data, recent stats on consumer behaviour and technology adoption, as well as expert insights from sales and marketing leaders and our sales and marketing team. 

We have seen the market really pick up in the last 6 months. The FMCG and Consumer Goods industry in the current climate are increasingly looking for strong digital marketing / sales talent with experience across local, regional and global landscapes."

Gabrielle Barton, Associate Director for Sales and Marketing at Space Executive

Sales & Marketing Infographic

Our Sales & Marketing team focuses on hiring the best leaders in the market for our clients, across food and beverage, wine & spirits, luxury, retail, travel and hospitality, FMCG, professional services, media and telecommunications.  Typical mandates require candidates with both local, global, and regional experience at Manager, Director and Senior Leadership levels. 

Gabrielle's focus is on hiring Sales & Marketing roles across the FMCG and Consumer Goods industry.  Typically mandates require candidates with both local, global and regional experience at Manager, Director and Senior Leadership levels.

Contact Gabrielle Barton - today to find out how she can help you build your sales and marketing team.