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Space Talks - Diversity & Inclusion with Oluchi Ikechi

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Welcome to Space Talks, Space Executive's podcast series interviewing some of the recruitment industry's thought leaders around a variety of topics pertaining to the business world. Tackling topics such as diversity and inclusion, recruitment strategies, industry trends, technology advancements, investment strategy, the startup and scaleup ecosystem and the post-covid world.

Catch an in-depth interview with Oluchi Ikechi around Diversity & Inclusion by clicking here. 

Diversity & Inclusion with Oluchi Ikechi

A few weeks ago, Luke Skinner, Space Executive's Director, Europe Strategy, Projects & Change Transformation had the opportunity to interview Oluchi Ikechi - Managing Director at Accenture and a leading Diversity and Inclusion advocate, who has been front and centre in bringing attention to numerous Diversity & Inclusion initiatives across the Financial Services/Fintech community.

Some of the burning questions that were highlighted throughout their conversation included;

  • How can we do more?
  • How can we make Diversity & Inclusion more than simply a topic on the agenda of a discussion but rather a series of defined actions to ensure people feel truly included in an organisation?

Click here to listen to this incredibly insightful interview, brought to you by Space Executive >>

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