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Recruitment, Sport, Life – Sports Strategies to Help You Build a Successful Recruitment Career

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“How you do anything is how you do everything” 

While I am not always in complete agreement with this statement, reflecting on my sports background and how it permeates my life and recruitment career, I’ve realised that it can often be true.

I spend the majority of my time placing corporate secretarial and permanent and contract legal support roles across all industries and professional services firms for Space Executive.  But, outside the office, I enjoy hitting the gym and participating in competitive dragon boat racing to maintain my physical health as well as my mental wellbeing and sociability. And over the years, I have found that the mindset that I bring to these sports influences the way I operate as a recruiter. 

Engaging in team sports and taking time to prioritise my health and wellbeing, have had a massive impact on my work life and I, therefore, thought it would be useful to share my top three anecdotes as examples of how this works for me. 

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1.  Going through the motions vs. Making every step count

When I started my recruitment career, it was a whirlwind experience. From picking up the basics to juggling personal targets and expectations. 

My main learning from those early years of my career was not to do things just for the sake of them, but instead to find the meaning and purpose in every aspect of my role. 

In much the same way that going to the gym and not executing the repetitions with proper muscle engagement and form, would likely equate to reduced efficiency and slower results.

Through understanding the efficacy and purpose of things like KPI’s and proper form, and actioning on them purposefully, life as a recruiter and sportsperson has become more rewarding and meaningful.

2.  Competition ... Bring it on 

This is a topic close to my heart. For anyone who is new to the world of recruitment, the level of competition you face can be tremendous and feel very overwhelming for some. As a result, some early-stage recruiters may freeze in the face of such competition unsure how to proceed, and may even decide to leave the industry as a result. 

In work and sports, I have definitely been guilty of feeling this way in the past, especially when the going gets tough.

However, Space Executive has a tight-knit team of seasoned and performance-driven recruiters. Such a results-driven, high-achieving environment has moulded me through the years to in fact get excited and inspired in the face of tough, direct competition. 

The drive to perform at the same level as my peers, compels me to always have my game on and not cut myself any slack. With me now believing that a lack of competition can often breed laziness and complacency, in both recruitment and sports. 

While there is no right or wrong way to respond to competition, for me,  life becomes a little more colourful knowing that there is someone out there better than I am, whose level of functioning I can aspire to match. Whether it be the dragon boat team to beat, the recruiter I come up against for most of my roles, or that inspiring female athlete I see at the gym, these challenges now serve to drive me on and always strive to better myself.

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3. Finishing triumphant vs. Being disqualified

Life is a marathon peppered with road bumps. Having taken part in at least four marathons, I can tell you that this has taught me that nothing is done until it’s done. In much the same way that recruitment has taught me not to celebrate too early. Surprises come so quickly sometimes it leaves me baffled. An offer can be relayed and accepted by the candidate and a week later be rescinded due to cost-cutting measures. I can be at the peak of my fitness level and a week later fracture and dislocate my wrist during a snowboarding accident leading to a four-month hiatus.

My point is, whether you’re running a marathon or trying to successfully place a candidate, ride this rollercoaster as far as you can, and embrace its ups and downs fully. Celebrate the small wins, lick the wounds of defeat, and keep going!

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I hope these learnings from my professional and sporting achievements can go some way in helping others understand how experiences outside of the office can go a long way in influencing your day-to-day work practices.

For me, this has never been as relevant as it is today. 2020 has brought into sharp perspective the value and importance that maintaining our can have on every aspect of our lives. 

To support the team during COVID-19 and help with peoples’ adjustment to working from home, Space Executive entered into a partnership with UFIT, Singapore’s leading health and fitness company, whereby UFIT host personal training sessions each week to try and maintain and support our team’s wellbeing. 

This has not only been a great way to receive excellent personal training sessions from home but also to participate in a group activity beyond our usual work responsibilities and maintain some of the social aspects in our work-life despite our physical distancing. 

The UFIT partnership has been a great benefit to myself and Space Executive’s team morale during these challenging times. On Thursday, 8 October 2020 I will be participating in the "Winning With Wellbeing in the Workplace" webinar Space Executive is hosting in partnership with UFIT to talk about the benefits of corporate wellness programmes and how best to integrate them.  The webinar will include discussions around mental health, stress management, fitness, nutrition and more.

Click here or the link below to register today. 

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Corrine Ho focuses on, both permanent and contract, corporate secretarial and legal support roles across all financial and non-financial industries and professional services firms. 

Typical mandates include - Corporate Secretary, Paralegal, Legal Executive, Legal Administrator, Legal Secretary, Contracts Manager. 

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