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The Ultimate Health and Wellbeing Podcast Playlist

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As 2020 continues to offer its many varied challenges, uncertainties and unique events, businesses are increasingly realising the importance that needs to be given to building, earning and maintaining wellbeing for their employees in the new normal.

Following on from hosting last week's captivating webinar 'Leading with Wellbeing in a Brave New World' with Pavelka Wellness and guest speakers from Experian and Cisco, we have put together The Ultimate Health and Wellbeing Podcast Playlist to help you get through this sometimes delicate and demanding time. 

Our Health and Wellbeing Podcast Playlist covers everything from sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, exercise and more.

Whether you’re looking to clear your mind, manage stress, modify your gym workout for home, build and manage relationships, or grownup stories to help you drift off to sleep at night, this podcast playlist has it all.

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  1. The Model Health Show — The Human Virus & Why Quarantine Has Us More Unhealthy Than Ever
  2. Mind Pump Media — The 8 Best Exercises You Are Not Doing
  3. — 5-Minute Breathing Meditation
  4. The Model Health Show —  Powerful Motivation To Use During Times Of Uncertainty
  5. The Model Health Show —  Train Your Brain To Find Opportunities During A Crisis
  6. Untangle — The Real Scoop on How to Be Happier (From the Most Popular Course in Yale History)
  7. Mind Pump Media — How to Modify Your Gym Workout for Home
  8. The Model Health Show — 8 Powerful Ways To Manage Stress During Complicated Times
  9.  Untangle — Finding Love and Relieving Relationship Tension During Covid
  10. David Garrigues Yoga Podcast — 4 Attitudes To Clear Your Mind
  11. Untangle — Finding More Happiness, Meaning, Purpose, and Connection in Life
  12.  Nothing Much Happens — A rainy day, making soup
  13.  Positive Health Podcast — Revolutionising the Treatment of Mental Health with Nutrition
  14. Sleep Meditation Podcast — Heavy rain with distant thunder from Hawaii, Kauai
  15. The Mindful Educators Podcast — Managing actions and reactions during Covid-19
  16. Sleep With Me Podcast — Le Miz | My Life With a Perm
  17. Positive Health Podcast — Vitamin D Supplementation and COVID-19; From Evidence to Action
  18. Untangle — Developing a Stronger Sense of Self and Relationships
  19. David Garrigues Yoga Podcast — Practical Use of Yoga Powers

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