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Valentine's Day Podcast Playlist

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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, We've Made a Valentine's Playlist Especially for You!

This Friday 14th February we're putting a fresh spin on the classic mix tape with our carefully curated Valentine's Day Podcast Playlist. 

From The Economics of Dating to Dating and Love in the Digital Age to useful tips about the etiquette of online dating in the 21st century, and an interview with Philosopher and writer Alain de Botton's, whose essay "Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person" was the most-read article in The New York Times in 2016 this playlist has it all and goes a long way in helping explain Valentine's Day and other consumerist-holidays.

  1. Rihanna - We Found Love Ft. Calvin Harris
  2. NPR Tech Team Podcast - Dating and Love in the Digital Age
  3. STEVIE WONDER - I Just Called To Say I Love You (Single Version)
  4. Alain de Botton - The True Hard Work of Love and Relationships
  5. Beyonce ft Jay Z - Crazy In Love
  6. Moving Target Podcast - Is Monogamy Natural? Redefining Relationships And Dating
  7. You Do You: A Dating Podcast - Episode 41: The Economics Of Dating
  9. The Economist - Tasting menu: Audio highlights from the February 13th 2016 edition
  10. Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody
  11. pugetsoundeconomics - Sound Economics Podcast: Episode 4
  12. EverydayEtiquette - #6: Online Dating
  13. kingsofvegas - You've Lost That Loving Feeling
  14. Haley Reinhart - Can't Help Falling In Love

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