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Promotion to Associate Director - Legal & Compliance - EC Chua

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EC Chua was promoted to Associate Director in March 2019.

EC joined Space Executive in May 2017 as a Senior Consultant, and has certainly made his mark achieving top monthly biller four times and top quarterly biller twice in the last 12 months, as well as being crowned top biller last year, making him the proud owner of a Rolex!

EC is undisputedly the King of BD in Space, bringing in an extraordinary number of new accounts, and always passing on numerous leads and contacts to other colleagues.

"He embodies what it means to show exemplary teamwork – flagging out when a colleague does more than his fair share in helping to close a deal, helping other colleagues to bounce off ideas on client and offer management, coaching more junior colleagues in stakeholder relationships and more.

It means a lot to the Management to give out our first promotion since Space Executive’s inception, and we couldn’t be happier that this accolade goes to EC, who deserves it in every way possible." 

- Agnes Yee, Partner


"I really appreciate the recognition from management and this further accentuates the fact that Space Executive is a place which rewards endeavour, hard-work and results. 

We have the best platform and infrastructure in the industry for all to succeed and achieve their personal breakthroughs.

The sky is truly the limit for everyone here. I look forward to contributing more to our growing company both as a billing consultant and manager. The journey thus far has been fantastic and I am excited about what more we can achieve together as a team!"

- EC Chua, Associate Director - Legal & Compliance

Congratulations EC! Everyone at Space Executive thanks you for your hard work, and wishes you well for this well-deserved promotion.

We look forward to celebrating with you at this year's end of year party.