Fintech Engineering

Why are Fintech Engineering jobs in demand?

Whether it's a multinational corporation to VC backed start-ups, the need for Fintech Engineering leaders is more in demand than ever before. The technology market is already fiercely competitive which means that roles such as Fintech Engineering are pivotal to businesses.

The field of engineering plays a crucial role in the Fintech industry, as it is responsible for producing high-quality, scalable code that enables a product to function. Disruptive innovations in FinTech include robotic advisory, asset management firms, online banking, mobile payments, and online remittances, among others. As a result, landscapes are redefining, financial services are restructuring, and traditional models are being pushed toward an end. Engineering professionals and FinTech engineers make finance accessible to both businesses and individuals. To succeed in today's complex world, fintech engineers need to be able to identify and solve problems that their predecessors never faced. Integration of the cloud, remote workforces, rapidly changing technologies, the evolution of new technologies are all part of this challenge.  

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Key responsibilities will include (but not limited to):

- Collaborate with all relevant stakeholders across the business to build an achievable, realistic long-term roadmap

- Build, scale and develop a team of engineers with high accountability

- Managing the work, performance and professional development of teams

Depending on the size/type of business, Fintech Engineering may be called different titles, such as Engineering Manager, Chief Technology Officer, Head of Engineering, Chief Information Security Officer, Senior Backend Developer, Senior Frontend Developer and other such combinations.

Global Opportunities

Space Executive, an international recruitment business spanning the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. We hire permanent and interim leadership mandates within the FinTech arena at both multinationals and high-growth, VC backed start-ups. We represent a wide variety of Fintech Engineering opportunities across the globe. Get in touch with us to hear more and we can run a tailored search to your requirements.

What are salaries like for Fintech Engineers?

Salaries for Fintech Engineers in the UK and Europe vary depending on the company, size and the experience of the engineer. Generally speaking, salaries for Fintech Engineers can average around £60,000 in the UK, while very experienced workers can make up to £80,000 per year or more. Take a look at our Salary Survey Report which gives a valuable snapshot of trends around salary ranges.