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Space Executive is a multi-disciplinary, award-winning international executive search and selection recruitment agency. With offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and London, we specialises in recruiting senior management and executive-level personnel.

We work with Multinationals, Financial Services, Technology, Healthcare, Consumer, Consultancy, Insurance, Venture Capital & High Growth or Equity-Backed companies across Leadership and General Management, Technology and Change Management, Chief Operating Officer and Governance, Management Consultancy and Sales & Marketing positions. Space Executive has been recognised for its exceptional work and service delivery in recruitment; awards include Best Places to Work in 2019, Recruitment International Best Newcomer 2016, Global Recruiter Asia Pacific Gold Award 2016, and was ranked Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agency in both 2016 and 2017 by LinkedIn.

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Mandates for c-level roles included but not limited to across the above sectors and industries:

- Chief Executive Officer (CEOs)

- Chief operating officer (COOs)

- Chief Technology Officer (CTOs)

- Corporate Heads

- Vice President (VPs)

Global Opportunities

We hire permanent and interim executive leadership mandates at both multinationals and high-growth, VC backed start-ups. We represent a wide variety of executive level opportunities across the globe. Get in touch with us to hear more and we can run a tailored search to your requirements or how we can support your hiring needs.

What are salaries like for C-Level Roles?

The salary range for C-Level roles in the UK and Singapore vary depending on the company, industry, and role. Generally, C-Level roles in the UK tend to pay from £90,000 to £250,000 or more per year. In Singapore, C-Level roles typically range from between S$90,000 and S$400,000 or more per year. With the most senior roles typically commanding the highest salaries, plus bonuses and other benefits are often available, which can further increase total compensation. Take a look at our Salary Survey Report which gives a valuable snapshot of trends around salary ranges.


Hosting our headquarters in Singapore since we began our journey in the Executive Search space, we firmly believe that Singapore is the gateway to the Asia Pacific region.

It is one of the most competitive job markets in the world. Singapore provides access to a diverse talent pool that is highly educated, experienced and well-trained. Additionally, the country has a strong economy and business environment, providing a reliable and attractive platform for businesses to operate. The country also has a well-developed infrastructure, making it easy to conduct our executive recruitment activities. Finally, Singapore has a stable political climate and is a welcoming place for international businesses, creating a safe and secure environment for our executive recruitment efforts.

Hiring effective leadership in this complex region is the biggest challenge facing VC backed start ups and multinational companies. Our Space Executive team, based in Singapore, are regional experts, supporting companies to build teams that will drive forward their Asia growth and change strategies.

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Commuting and Culture:

Commuting in Singapore is generally efficient and convenient. Singapore has an extensive public transport system that includes buses, trains, and taxis. The trains are well-maintained, clean, and efficient. Bus services are also reliable, and taxis are reasonably priced. All public transport services have been designed to make commuting effortless for everyone.

The culture in Singapore to work is highly professional, with a strong emphasis on hard work and dedication. People are highly motivated and driven to succeed, and respect is given to those who put in the hard work. Singapore is a meritocratic society, so performance is key to success. The culture is also quite international, with many different cultures represented in the workplace. Respect for diversity is a key value in Singapore, and workplace bullying and harassment of any kind is not tolerated.

Our Recognised Awards

• Finalist - Global Brands Magazine Awards

• Best Places to Work in Singapore for 2019

• LinkedIn Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agency 2017

• The Global Recruiter Asia Pacific Awards 2017

• Asia Recruitment Awards 2017

• LinkedIn Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agency 2016

• Recruitment International Best Newcomer

What are senior to executive level salaries like in Singapore?

Salaries in Singapore vary depending on the industry, qualifications, and experience of the individual. Generally, salaries in Singapore tend to be higher than in other countries in the region. The salary range for senior to executive-level positions in Singapore vary significantly depending on the role and industry. Generally speaking, salaries for senior executives in Singapore range from between SGD7,000 to SGD30,000 per month, with the most senior positions commanding much higher salaries.

Take a look at the Salary Survey Report which gives a valuable snapshot of trends around salary ranges, how global events have impacted salary levels and the predictions for future salary changes. It also discusses the key issues employers are facing in relation to talent management and recruitment.​

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