Patrisha Lyle, Senior Consultant - Sales & Marketing

Patrisha leads the retail and lifestyle desk at Space Executive. She is a regional specialist across the global retailer (mass, luxury and travel) and lifestyle (hospitality and travel) industries where her hiring focus is mid-management, general management and senior-level positions across sales, marketing, communications, retail and overall digital and e-commerce.

We caught up with Patrisha to hear her current views on hiring trends within retail and lifestyle and industry insights.

Watch the full video here to learn more. 

Patrisha specialises in the Retail and Hospitality industries spanning categories across Fashion & Apparel, Beauty, Wine & Spirits and Food & Beverage.

Her hiring focus is mid-management to senior level positions across Sales & Marketing, Digital & E-Commerce including CRM and Loyalty, Retail Operations including Visual Merchandising as well as Education & L&D.

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