Rishipal Singh

Rishipal Singh

Consultant - Technology

License Number: R1762433

Rishi has 3 years of experience recruiting technology roles in the APAC region to leading banking and financial technology organisations.

In his first role, he was promoted from trainee to full 360 consultant within 6 months and successfully developed and penetrated overseas markets with successful placements and PSLs.

Rishi has very impressively fought competitively in Muay Thai and Boxing in Singapore and Malaysia.

He loves to travel, is a big fan of Heavy Metal music and an active festival goer.

Rishi's focus at Space Executive is on hiring for Software Engineering and Architecture roles across Commerce, Start-ups & Financial Services.

Typical mandates require candidates that are hands-on in programming, these include, Heads of, Directors, VP’s in Engineering, Chief Technology Officers, Software Engineers, QA Engineers, DevOps Engineers & Solutions Architects.