Pamela Jayapragash

Pamela Jayapragash

Senior Consultant - COO & Governance

License Number: R22106833

Pamela focuses on hiring legal and governance roles across all industries. Typical mandates require candidates with legal qualifications and other relevant professional certifications i.e. ICSA.

Pamela is a qualified lawyer with over a decade of experience in corporate and legal practice. She has worked on both sides of the fence with a partnership and in house with two large conglomerates in Malaysia, advising on corporate matters including property transactions, contracts negotiations, arbitration and industrial relation. She has always enjoyed two things in particular; dealing with people & people related matters and connecting over food. This passion enabled her to pursue a career switch into the world of HR and Talent Management. After 8 years in legal, she took a career shift to specialise in human capital and talent acquisition.

Outside of work, Pamela can be found exploring Singapore’s vibrant restaurant scene, hitting a spin class or practising her backhand on the tennis court. 


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